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I am the curator, videographer, editor, writer, producer, director, and all out goof ball for all these channels. If you want to subscribe or visit the channel, click on the title above the video. Otherwise, enjoy these select videos from my repertoire. 

This is my "hodge podge" channel where I teach College level course material, talk bitcoin, and post funny videos.

My metal detecting channel. Watch me find really cool stuff! Join my adventure. You can also see me on:

If you've ever wanted to learn how to invest in real estate, this is the channel for you to check out! I have invested for 15 years.

I speak European Portuguese fluently. Click through this channel to learn how to pronounce Portuguese words in Portugal.

I like to watch movies. Here, I give my honest opinion based on my first reaction to the movie. I try not to spoil it.

I encourage my children to produce YouTube videos with the idea that if they do well enough, it will pay for their college. Here's to hope!