Howdy, I'm Bob

I'm a good ol' boy, raised in Arkansas and Texas. I lived on 26 acres in Arkansas and learned how to work hard. I started driving a tractor at the age of 12. I know what it means to crawl out of bed, get out, and work in the dirt all day. I've also worked by the light of the tractor's headlights. I learned how to swim in a creek and how to treat a lady with dignity and respect as a good southern boy should.

In adulthood, I have lived in Portugal, visited Australia, and I hang my hat in California. My 'home' is still in the country. I have been married for over a decade, and I am a proud father of 5 children. We home school our children in a Christian home. I am an expert in the natural gas industry, but I have passion for real estate, teaching, and in general, making money. When asked what I collect, I usually say, "Money" (though I'm not always good at keeping it). 

YouTube has been a revelation to me. While I watched videos on YouTube sporadically from its inception until 2014, it was metal detecting that got me started in creating content. I never knew that people made money on YouTube until September 2014. The short story is that I was visiting my in-laws for Thanksgiving in 2013 when saw some metal detecting videos with my father-in-law. I got the bug to do it myself and bought a detector in Feb 2014. Between Nov '13 and Feb '14, I watched tons of videos of others detecting. I hunted treasure for 7 months until I felt I had learned my machine well enough that I could give back to the metal detecting community for all they'd taught me. I created a video called, "A Beginner's Guide to Metal Detecting." When I posted the video, YouTube asked if I wanted to monetize. I shrugged my shoulders and thought, "If that's what I think it is, why not?" Weeks later, I made my first penny. I was hooked!

I've made many more videos since then and I've started several channels. I hope you're entertained, educated, and excited by what I offer. I'd be honored if you subscribed to any of my channels. Feel free to ask me questions on any of my channels/videos. I often get my inspiration from people like you. Thank you watching!